Secure Shopping

Our Security Policy

We have NEVER sold or traded any of our customers information, nor have we ever jeopardized that information.

Usually, when most of us order online, all of our personal information; most importantly our credit card information is stored on the company’s website server or Internet connected server. Here it can reside for months and even years, ripe for the opportunity of theft. MMS LAB does not employ this practice.

Immediately after you place an online order with MMS LAB, only a small handful of authorized employees have access to your order and they will promptly print out your order for further processing in our offices. Following this they completely delete it from the server immediately. We do not let your information sit idly on a server, and no part of your personal or financial information is ever stored on any computer with an outside connection to a publicly accessible network (internet).

The website that you buy from may not be the only security threat to be concerned about. Many companies contract third parties or outside credit card processing services. Here your financial data is sent through a rather dubious line and processed by an organization that may not have the same security ethics as the company you bought from. We DO NOT contract our credit card processing services to any outside organization. It is all done within our own facilities by our own staff.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Currently, MMS LAB accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card payments. We do not accept COD’s or cash. We also accept Paypal.